BKF Recovery Know It Works

The very first step, is to ‘Start’, then go to ‘Programs’, after this, go to BKF File Recovery software. With the completion of this step, open the software, whose screen you find similar to the mentioned below screen:

FirstYou get the options like ‘Deep Scan’ and ‘Quick Scan’, choose and click one out of them in order to begin the bkf recovery process with the software, you will get the screen alike the below one:

Step 1

SecondFor utilizing ‘Range Based Scan’ functionality, select ‘Actions’ and choose ‘Range Based Scan’. Clicking the Range Based Scan option, following screen will appear:

Step 2

ThirdSoftware will at first begin the loading process of the selected BKF files. Once the bkf file loading process ends up, right-click any file, to access data stored inside it. By applying this step, you will find below mentioned screen:

Step 3

FourthAfter the completion of ‘Loading process’, preview the selected files as in the below screen:

Step 4