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The free trial version let users examine BKF Recovery program abilities and gain confidence and trust over the software abilities and reliability levels. Operational system of the tool can also be perused and learnt before operating the full version.

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BKF File Repair Tool Trial – Get it Now To Own Free Software Demo


With the free download version of BKF Recovery solution, you get the unique privilege of using the software and its functionalities prior to its purchase. This way you get to check out software features and the way it is operated. Meanwhile, like any other free trial version, our BKF repair tool freeware also comes with certain limitations as part of the demonstration rule which can be surpassed with the licensed version.

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The freeware version of BKF Recovery application provisions you with the ability of loading, repairing and scanning the damaged backup file the way you want respectively. All types of scanning option are usable via the freeware version without any restrictions. But you can only view the repaired items and cannot restore them on your system until you have the licensed version purchased.